Who is your leader?

I came across a couple of lengthy quotes by Father Oscar Romero, a priest from El Salvador who became archbishop of San Salvador in 1977 and was assassinated while conducting Mass in 1980. The quotes are directly from the book Moral Leadership for a Divided Age by David P. Gushee and Colin Holtz. The quotes epitomize the mature and transformed leadership that Father Romero exhibited in his later life. He, like many of us, was changed by a life transforming event that opened his eyes to what was around him- what had always been around him. Poverty. Oppression. Violence. Injustice.

According to Gushee and Holtz, “Oscar Romero stands at the forefront of a theology in which Christians are called to participate in a kingdom of God that is beyond our control or comprehension….It refuses to idolize wealth or power, or to sacrifice human beings in the name of national security or social order. Yet it does not shy away from the brutality of the human heart.” (1) The following quote is from Father Romero: