Just My Story

  • God revealed himself

God made himself known to me as a young girl of 8 years. He put an angelic neighbor in my life who took me to church with her and her son. During the summer, she enrolled us in Vacation Bible School where we had a blast, but also learned the truth of who Jesus was and what He had done on the cross.  My little friend and I believed the truth about Jesus that summer.  We trusted and believed in Jesus as Lord over our lives.  As an adult, I again handed over my life to Jesus as I trusted him with my life and circumstances.  This moment occurred in the parking lot of Home Depot as I desperately prayed for guidance in a family circumstance.  I vividly remember hearing, “Do you trust me with this?” and I said, “Yes.”  This instance of recommitment to trust the LORD with my circumstances was directly related to an increased awareness of and knowledge about God that I received from being in an in-depth bible study as well as being in fellowship with other believers.

  • God gave tools

God has equipped me to serve him in so many ways, but He really gave me a love for his Word through 14 years of leadership in Bible Study Fellowship where I grew in faith, spiritual depth and awe for His Word.  Over 14 years, I was encouraged to handle God's Word carefully and in doctrinally secure ways.  Later, as my children became older, God stirred a desire and then made a way for me to attend seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where my mind and heart grew in knowledge of His Word and His Church. During that time, God shaped my thinking and commitment to His call for serving him. 

  • God placed me on a new journey

As only God can do, He has continued to move me along His path for His purposes.   Through prayer, He gave me a vision for Micah 6:8.  Although the way has not been perfectly clear, I have been placing pieces together as I have felt led.  I have been given a heart and desire for humanitarian teams, primarily because of some of my own experiences in humanitarian work.  I have a desire to help these teams stay focused on God and grow spiritually while they work as the hands and feet of Christ.  Thus, customized devotional journals can be found here in the Resources section. 


As I try to walk in obedience, with trembling faith at times and minimal understanding most of the time, I find that is just the way God would have it.