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Beginning a Journey...

Through over 20 years of serving on short-term international and local mission teams, I recognized a need for a team tool that would help prepare for and process trips. I also saw a need to help teams serve with sensitivity and use best practices when entering into another country and culture.With a background in Christian ministry and humanitarian leadership  I envisioned the combination of a devotional that dives deeply into the motivations and challenges for doing this kind of work along with a handbook that presents culture, language and insights into the people group to be serve. 

​Next Steps…

Micah 6:8 became the theme passage for the entirety of this work. It recalls God’s essential way of living: to act justly, to love kindness and to walk humbly with Him. Reflecting this theme, my desire is to provide resources for those who are serving in this way: the justice seekers, the ones called to mercy and those who are walking humbly with God as they journey into service.

​Creating an Indispensable Resource...

JustKindHumility aims to provide spiritual support and current resources for those serving the most vulnerable among us- the victims of natural disasters, humanitarian crises, war, oppression, and material poverty. These devotional handbooks are designed to support those called to Christian missions and humanitarian work.

There is nothing ordinary about the call to go and there is nothing ordinary

 about these devotional handbooks!

Our booklets are part devotional and part handbook. The devotional includes Scriptural prompts to help prepare for time abroad, provide reflection while on site and offer ways to help with re-adjustment upon returning home. The handbook section includes country-specific facts, data, statistics and language as well as copious amounts of "on the ground" resources. 

Giving Back...

We are committed to donating 50% of all profits back to communities, locally and globally. We partner with Children's HopeChest internationally and AGAPE Development locally. With each purchase, we are able to help the most vulnerable among us.  Read more about our partners here:


Children's HopeChest  


 AGAPE Development 

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