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Let Us Not Forget About Those Who Remain in Afghanistan

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Many have fled the nation of Afghanistan, and many have decided to stay or have no other viable choice. Fleeing one’s home country has many challenges such as finding adequate shelter, remaining safe, obtaining provisions for basic needs, adjusting to new culture and language, establishing a viable livelihood.

Remaining in Afghanistan presents huge challenges as well- most out of the personal control of individuals. For instance, according to the World Food Programme, conflict and natural disaster have brought many to the brink of starvation and acute malnutrition(1) and the UN Office of for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA) has stated in its flash appeal that even prior to the events of 15 August, the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan was one of the worst in the world.(2) What is clear is that conflict, natural disasters such as drought, COVID-19, harsh winter conditions and economic fragility have caused tremendous vulnerability for those who remain in country.

What has become murky is how to help those still in country. As contemporary social communication would produce, there has been misinformation spreading regarding where money given for Afghanistan goes and who receives the benefits. Based on current, credible information, the most reliable and beneficial way to help is to give directly to organizations that are on the ground helping the Afghan people. Charity Watch Group advises, “It is best to give directly only to the charities that you are confident are legitimate and recognized for providing disaster or humanitarian relief."(3) Our research has produced an excellent source from the George W. Bush Presidential Center for Relief and Resources for Afghanistan. These organizations are providing direct aid to those on the ground. Here is the list with web addresses:


CARE Your gift will provide equally distributed direct cash assistance for Afghan women and men to empower whole families to purchase food, hygiene products, and whatever else they need most.

World Food Programme WFP provides unconditional, fortified and nutritionally-balanced food assistance to vulnerable groups including people displaced by conflict, those affected by disasters, refugees, returnees from neighboring countries, and people affected by seasonal food insecurity.

US Fund for UNICEF UNICEF recently launched an appeal for $192 million to support vulnerable families and children who are struggling amidst Afghanistan's escalating humanitarian crisis.

World Relief Donations are used to promote peace and justice in violence-stricken regions like Afghanistan.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) The ICRC provides much-needed health and humanitarian support and works to protect and assist those in need in Afghanistan and other Taliban-controlled areas.


No One Left Behind No One Left Behind is committed to ensuring that America keeps its promise to our allies and their families who risked their lives for our freedom.

Combined Arms Combined Arms exists to accelerate the transition from military to civilian life and has been active in the evacuation of American allies from Afghanistan.

VPP, The Great Campaign The Vulnerable People Project is helping vulnerable men, women, and children in Afghanistan escape. Donations will go toward evacuation flights.

Evacuate Our Allies Evacuate Our Allies is working to evacuate all U.S. allies to safety.


Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation Founded by Razia Jan, the organization is dedicated to expanding the possibilities for girls and young women in Afghanistan and is raising funds for school expenses, including expanded enrollment for new students whose families have been displaced to the region, and funding for the staff, students, and families affected by ongoing instability. (Note: the link to this organization is a GoFundMe page.)

Women for Afghan Women WAW works to provide safe shelter, resources, and aid to the thousands of women, children, families, and staff who are under its care.

Protect Afghan Women Donations will help the evacuation of at-risk women activists, journalists, politicians, peacebuilders, and their families and provide support so that they can be resettled with dignity.

Learn Afghan Funds are going toward assisting internally displaced individuals to ensure that these families have access to basic necessities. Founder Pashtana Dorani has committed to remaining in the country to support women’s education.

Asian University for Women Asian University for Women (AUW), is an international university in Bangladesh that seeks to educate a new generation of women leaders. 100% of your investment in education will open doors to the future for young women across Asia and the Middle East.

School of Leadership, Afghanistan School of Leadership Afghanistan is the only boarding school for girls in Afghanistan. Your donation will support the programming that changes the lives of these students, and inspires them to change the future of their country. Students have departed from Kabul and are currently abroad where they intend to begin a semester. (4)


Photo Credit: Photo by Mohammad Rahmani on Unsplash

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