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Morsels from the Table…

I have discovered a resource for helping to dive deeper into the theological element of Immigration.

I have discovered the Evangelical Immigration Table at Their mission states:

“The Evangelical Immigration Table exists to encourage distinctly biblical thinking about issues of immigration, providing discipleship resources focused on immigration from a biblical and missional perspective as well as advocating for public policies consistent with biblical values.”

Through my discovery time on the website, I have discovered a wealth of information. For instance:

· I am pleasantly surprised to see leaders and pastors agreeing that biblical principles apply to our nation’s immigration crisis- and changes must occur.

· I am finding a way to share this information with others through the resources provided through the Table such as the film, “I Was A Stranger” and small groups studies.

· I am thankful for the advocacy efforts put forth on the website. Not only are there principles and resources available, but also ways to affect policy change.

For more information, go to

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