It is all about the "Heart-work"

Updated: Jul 28

Today, I got to meet up and talk to my dear friend Lauren. We have known each other for over ten years and during that time Lauren has served in Bible Study Fellowship in several different capacities. Over the years, she has served in the BSF Children’s Program, as an Administrative Leader, a Substitute Teaching Leader and was even the first woman in our area to launch one of the online classes to shepherd a group of women from around the world. So, Lauren has a great knowledge of and love for Bible Study Fellowship. I wanted to get her perspective on how BSF has affected her life and how she sees it helping others to know God and walk humbly with Him.

Tell us a little about yourself. What is your background and how did you learn about Bible Study Fellowship?

My name is Lauren Peters. Soon after I graduated from Texas A&M University (several years ago), one of my college friends started telling me about Bible Study Fellowship (BSF.) She had been attending a class in her city and kept telling me, “I really think you’ll like it.” I kept telling her, “I’m too busy for that!” But she was persistent! So, after my son was born, I finally looked into BSF. I went online to and found a class that met near me. I joined the class knowing some, but not tons, about the Bible and what it said.

What BSF history would you like to share?<