The Beginning of a Journey...

I learned about Jesus and became a believer as a young girl and through my youth had my faith sustained by sweet friends and loving teachers. As an adult, God called me to a deeper relationship with Him through the study of Scripture and fellowship with other believers. Through this, a love for God, his Word, and his people was nurtured. Additionally, I was given the privilege of openly studying the Scriptures, gathering freely with other believers and sitting under the teaching and leadership of godly men and women. In response to these immense provisions, my aim is to share the gifts and understanding He has given.

Next Steps…

Through the study of Scripture and listening through prayer, God has reminded me of His essential way of living.  This reminder came through the verse of Micah 6:8 where God clearly communicates what is good and what is required of his people. In this passage, He directs his people to act justly, to love kindness and to walk humbly with Him. Upon reflection, a desire has been stirred in my heart and mind to provide a tool for those who are serving in this way: the ones who seek justice, the ones for whom mercy is a calling and those who know their work on behalf of others can only happen in humble participation with God.

Creating a Tool

These devotional handbooks are designed to be a tool for those called to Christian missions. They are also for those serving through humanitarian agencies or relief teams targeting areas such as food aid, shelter, logistics, hygiene, protection or livelihood provision. They are for those called to serve the vulnerable among us.

There is nothing ordinary about this calling to serve and there is nothing ordinary about these devotional handbooks!

Why these handbooks?

These handbooks include daily devotions and prompts to help prepare for time abroad, provide reflection and focus while on site and offer ways to help with re-adjustment upon returning home. Additionally, these handbooks include facts, data, statistics and language specific to the country and target population your team will serve.

Through serving on several short-term international mission teams, completing a graduate program in humanitarian leadership as well as seminary, God has given me the opportunity to provide these handbooks as a tool for you who are pursuing justice, moving in mercy and walking humbly with God as you serve those in need.